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Radgrid not updating after delete

This saves you a few lines of code (configuring the triggers) but will also help if you dynamically add controls to your Grid View that will also trigger postback events on your page. It shows the group name, and also an Edit and a Delete button. This is a seperate ASPX page that shows up in the Rad Window. On the main page, I have the AJAX manager as below. But I am not sure how the links you provided are related to what I am trying to accomplish. When I debug the code, I can see it stepping through the ajax request and rebinding the grind which then has the updated data.

With the Sql Data Source, we need to provide SQL statements (or stored procedures) to execute.This is because (I believe) that even though we changed the Grid Data Source, no postback occurs, and so, nothing new is displayed.I was able to "fix" this by calling a little Java Script magic to force a page refresh, and this works, however the entire page refreshes, and that looks ugly.This topic discusses how to call the Need Data Source event after command execution with viewstate disabled (Enable View State = false) The example provided below is for Delete command but the same stands for any other command type you invoke and handle in the Item Command/Update Command/Delete Command/etc. Basically, you assign data source for your grid in the Need Data Source handler.In case of disabled viewstate the events will be fired like this: Note that in order to make 4 to happen, the recreation of the grid in 3 should be exactly the same as when the grid is data-bound on the previous postback.

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