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Not updating powerdns disabled in etcdefaultpdns

or go to DNS/tree/source and hit Download Source, ask if you want tar or zip (you know how it goes) you will need configurate in order to run as server. running server: bash$ service pdns start NOTE: to find it out if cleverdns its working properly...

copy the next configuracion in /etc/powerdns/############################# config-dir=/etc/powerdns daemon=yes disable-axfr=yes local-address= local-port=53 module-dir=/usr/lib/powerdns setgid=pdns setuid=pdns socket-dir=/var/run version-string=powerdns include=/etc/powerdns/pdns.d disable-tcp=yes distributor-threads=5 logfile=/var/log/loglevel=9 cache-ttl=0 query-cache-ttl=0 no-shuffle=yes use-logfile=yes query-logging=no pipebackend-abi-version=2 launch=pipe pipe-command=/etc/powerdns/cleverdns/################################################ post-install: you have to edit /etc/default/and change START=no with START=yes in Cleverdns you have a file with important information: here you can change: Where is store the local domains, nameserver to ask for external domains and port if it's different than 53. you can do (in ubuntu): bash$ service pdns monitor and it will run in monitor mode, you will see all the request of the clients hiting Clever DNS and Clever DNS answering back in each case.

Type in your web browser and login as admin with password you typed in installation (step 3) Easiest way to manage domains is to create zone template or templeates.

Got to List zone templates #examples [ZONE] SOA ns1.hostmaster.[SERIAL] 10800 3600 604800 600 [ZONE] A 86400 A 86400 mail.[ZONE] A 86400 [ZONE] NS ns1.86400 [ZONE] NS ns2.86400 [ZONE] MX mail.[ZONE] 10 86400 Make some tests with adding new domain using created zone template by adding master zone (choose type: master) Don't forget to add ns1.and ns2.A type records.

Installing new version of config file /etc/init.d/pdns-recursor ... Jun 23 jessie systemd[1]: pdns.service: Failed with result 'exit-code'.

Configuration file '/etc/powerdns/recursor.conf' == Package distributor has shipped an updated version. Your options are: Y or I : install the package maintainer's version N or O : keep your currently-installed version D : show the differences between the versions Z : start a shell to examine the situation The default action is to keep your current version. addgroup: The group `pdns' already exists as a system group. Warning: The home dir /var/spool/powerdns you specified already exists. Hint: Some lines were ellipsized, use -l to show in full.

For type=MASTER zones (or SLAVE zones with slave-renotify enabled) Power DNS automatically sends NOTIFYs to the name servers specified in the NS records.Send all available metrics to this server via the carbon protocol, which is used by graphite and metronome. You may specify an alternate port by appending :port, ex: If this is enabled, ALIAS records are expanded (synthesised to their A/AAAA).If this is disabled (the default), ALIAS records will not expanded and the server will will return NODATA for A/AAAA queries for such names.Clever DNS - Server recursor code install instructions. but the process its similar in every Posix like system pre-install: you could do this via aptitude or apt-get :) -pdns-server -pdns-backend-pipe -libyaml-tiny-perl -libnetaddr-ip-perl -libnet-dns-perl install Clever DNS: you have already the code?if not use git to get all the code of Clever Dns bash$ cd /etc/powedns/ bash:/etc/powerdns$ mkdir /etc/powerdns/cleverdns bash:/etc/powerdns$ cd cleverdns bash:/etc/powerdns/cleverdns$git clone git:// .

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First step is to install on both hosts (master & slave) powerdns and mysql servers and also an ssh server: CREATE DATABASE powerdns character set utf8; GRANT ALL ON powerdns.* TO 'poweradmin'@'localhost' IDENTIFIED BY 'yoursecretpassword'; FLUSH PRIVILEGES; USE powerdns; CREATE TABLE domains ( id INT auto_increment, name VARCHAR(255) NOT NULL, master VARCHAR(128) DEFAULT NULL, last_check INT DEFAULT NULL, type VARCHAR(6) NOT NULL, notified_serial INT DEFAULT NULL, account VARCHAR(40) DEFAULT NULL, primary key (id) ); CREATE UNIQUE INDEX name_index ON domains(name); CREATE TABLE records ( id INT auto_increment, domain_id INT DEFAULT NULL, name VARCHAR(255) DEFAULT NULL, type VARCHAR(6) DEFAULT NULL, content VARCHAR(255) DEFAULT NULL, ttl INT DEFAULT NULL, prio INT DEFAULT NULL, change_date INT DEFAULT NULL, primary key(id) ); CREATE INDEX rec_name_index ON records(name); CREATE INDEX nametype_index ON records(name,type); CREATE INDEX domain_id ON records(domain_id); CREATE TABLE supermasters ( ip VARCHAR(25) NOT NULL, nameserver VARCHAR(255) NOT NULL, account VARCHAR(40) DEFAULT NULL ); allow-recursion= allow-axfr-ips= chroot=/var/spool/powerdns config-dir=/etc/powerdns daemon=yes disable-axfr=no disable-tcp=no guardian=yes launch=gmysql lazy-recursion=yes local-address= local-port=53 log-dns-details=on log-failed-updates=on loglevel=3 module-dir=/usr/lib/powerdns master=yes slave=no recursor= setgid=pdns setuid=pdns socket-dir=/var/run version-string=powerdns include=/etc/powerdns/pdns.d allow-recursion= chroot=/var/spool/powerdns config-dir=/etc/powerdns daemon=yes disable-axfr=yes disable-tcp=no guardian=yes launch=gmysql lazy-recursion=yes local-address= local-port=53 module-dir=/usr/lib/powerdns recursor= setgid=pdns setuid=pdns master=no slave=yes slave-cycle-interval=60 socket-dir=/var/run version-string=powerdns include=/etc/powerdns/pdns.d cd /var/www wget --no-check-certificate https:// zxvf poweradmin-2.1.4ln -s poweradmin-2.1.4 poweradmin chown www-data.www-data -R poweradmin-2.1.4 cp /var/www/poweradmin/inc/php /var/www/poweradmin/inc/php With default apache2 configuration, type in web browser address and follow steps to finish poweradmin installation Instead of what is shown in step 6 use below listed grant for user poweradmin: There is a small bug in latest stable release of poweradmin-2.1.4, which has been explained in ticket https://

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