House md speed dating episode

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House md speed dating episode

and his team as they solve a medical case each episode.

The season's sub-plot revolved around billionaire Edward Vogler making a 0 million donation to the hospital.

However she keeps him on because when the rest of the doctors are stumped, House swings into action.

House's best (and only) friend is the hospital's Head of Oncology, James Wilson, who, unlike House, is conscientious and considerate, but also extremely loyal to House.

Meanwhile, Chase is coaxed into testing out the dating scene . House was getting on nerves of all his colleagues and well wishers. And in the course of it Wilson and us are able to understand House better. Beneath that hard, pretentious and metaphors is a man with a good heart who is a good friend and better human than he actually portrays.Even though Wilson tells him not to spread the word, House hangs up posters of his movie around the hospital.Afterwards, several people must have seen the film or know about the phrase that Wilson says in the movie ("Be not afraid. Working on your next elaborate plan to get out of here. But suddenly with this guy, you decide to reinforce a sick man's delusions!

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Foreman: One of the patients in the morgue was a 70-year-old woman who had scleroderma.

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